Andy Bowen – “All About The Beat”

This video/song was made with my wife to get the direction of my art away from the “doom and gloom” and politically driven content and move to a more light hearted, beat driven, and playful song you can listen to anytime. Staying true to my style, I still wanted to have a positive message and say more than the shallow, narcissistic, and generic lyrics most rap beats us over the head with. I feel this one still promotes positivity and intellectualism without the darker vibe I can have. I tend to have a lot of serious songs and many have lyrical content that is far from comfortable. While many of my fans like that content, most people want to escape in music, and feel good. I’ve been making more music that captures that “feel good” vibe and the response has been awesome. I believe any artist should evolve and create a way to tap into new fans, and All About The Beat was my first real attempt at that evolution.