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Kris Angelis – “Photobooth”

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Official music video for “Photobooth” from the “Pieces That Were Stolen” EP by Kris Angelis. Pre-order on iTunes now! Starring: Kris Angelis Camron Robertson Directed by Alix Angelis DP for stop motion – Matt Harbicht DP for live action – Tom Nguyen Edited by Alix Angelis and Kris Angelis AD – Vincent Cardinale Lighting – Shiloh Strong Set Design – Alix Angelis Party people – Sarah Drissi, Guillermo Parga, Emma Bell, Chase Bell, Vincent Cardinale, Eden West, Ian Casselberry, Jon Martin Very Special Thanks to Matt Harbicht, Shiloh Strong, Vincent Cardinale, really actually everyone involved in making this – thank you for your time and talent! Thank you to my patrons: Jim and Ronda Worsley Justin Warren Susan Nichols Gary Rollins Saad Kharradji Tino Salinas Scott Szczepanek Tim Weaver Steven Sciaky Barry Ingram Shiloh Strong

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