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Tom Shawcroft – “Cool Kids”

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Tom Shawcroft is singer, songwriter and producer of indie-electronica music from Nottingham. Tom grew up in the county of Derbyshire and began making music as a teenager in 2010. In the spring of 2016 he released his debut EP “Probably Nothing” which was predominantly acoustic, with the exception of the electronic dance track, “I’m a Fool”. Influenced heavily by his love for electronic music, Tom further went on to develop his unique style of production. He evolved from his stripped back style of singing, writing and producing, marked by the release of the singles “Five Years”, “Someday” and “All I Want”. This led to the introduction of Tom’s debut album, “Definitely Something”, which was released in the late summer in 2017. In which, he encompasses an ensemble of elements such as blues-inspired guitar riffs found in “Don’t Stop” and drum and bass rhythm sections found in “Sexdrugsrock + Roll” to contribute to the album’s distinctive indie-electronica style and sound.


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